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PELUPO Haunted House

Pelupo Haunted House: Can you guess which ghosts will be in the haunted house?

Drop your best guess in the comments!👇

At PELUPO, the only boo-ing allowed will be at our mysterious Haunted House. Because why wait until Halloween to get spooked?

Get ready for some spirited fun, scare you soon in March!


Get ready for a whole new level of fun this year with our exciting addition: Playlupo!🌈


Put your skills to the test for a chance to win unique prizes exclusive to the game zone. They can’t be found or bought anywhere else!


🔫Triggered Toys: Aim, and fire at the target to score your prize! 


⭕️Ring Fling: Show off your tossing skills and win big!


🎯Balloon Bullseye: Prove you're a dart champion!


🏀Roll in the Hole: Give it your best shot—it's trickier than it seems!


🎰PELUPO Capsule Mania: Unbox exclusive souvenirs from our capsule vending machines!


Game on! 🏃Can't wait to see all you players on the fields soon!


Hop onto the Pelupo Express! 🚂

Last year, Pelupians in the crowd formed a dancing musical train. This year, we're adding a real train running between the two stages!

Kids under 12 years old can ride for free all festival long.

PELUPO Kids Eco Hunt

PELUPO Kids’ chance to win!🏆Free Marshall Major IV headphones (worth 5,490 THB!), crafted sustainably PVC-free with 45% post-consumer recycled plastic. Perfect for the whole family, they provide a smooth listening experience and noise protection for both kids and adults. 🎧🎶


Little Pelupians up to age 12 can join our exciting quest for a shot at winning these headphones! Full details will be unveiled on the event day.


👇Here's how to join the fun & some important info about the challenge! 


- Visit our Merchandise booth from 5 pm onwards each day to receive your quests. 

- Results can be submitted until 7 pm each day. 

- Winners will be selected by our team based on challenge rules, with all decisions being final.

- Only 12 prizes available each day on a first-come-first-serve basis. Come by as soon as possible before they’re all snatched up! 


🤫Hint: It might involve a little game of ‘I Spy..’ 🔍👀


See you at the fields soon, little Pelupian explorers, on March 1st and 2nd!

PELUPIAN Kids Backstage Tour

Little Pelupian backstage tour opportunity! 

If you have a budding music enthusiast at home, we've got something special just for them. Little Pelupians who love music are invited to join us for an exclusive Behind The Scenes tour at the PELUPO main stage. 🎤🎸

They'll get to explore backstage, see how instruments are set up, stand on stage for a taste of the spotlight, and even snap a photo memory on stage. Plus, they'll catch the first 3 songs played live from the side stage!

Pelupo's mission from the start has always been to bring people of all ages & backgrounds together through mutual love & appreciation for music. We hope that by offering this special experience, we can help cultivate a deep love for the arts in young hearts and inspire them to pursue their musical dreams in the future! 🎶✨

Here's what you need to know:

* Limited slots: 10 kids + 1 parent per day
* Open to ages 7-15 years only
* Be on time for your appointment, latecomers will not be able to join. 
* Participation in the tour is free of charge.
* No photos or videos during the tour (except for the on stage photo op) Breaking this rule will result in being asked to leave.

👉How to Apply?

🎥 Find or record a video of your child playing an instrument or singing.

🚫 No competition footage! Any other kind of video filmed in places like home or a class is acceptable. 
Don't worry about perfection or hitting every note and key; we just want to see their passion shine through!✨

📲Post it online using the hashtags #PELUPOFESTIVAL and #PELUPO2024

💌 Send the video link to us via inbox on our PELUPO page. 

Our team will reach out to chosen applicants, all decisions will be final. We can't wait to meet these little musicians soon! 🎸🎶


Hey, little Pelupians! Ready for some sustainable fun? 


Come over to the kids' zone and get your creativity flowing with the team from "A Thing That Is Pieces" studio! They'll show you how to turn recycled plastic into awesome art toys.


Not only will you be refining your artistic talents; you'll also be superheroes for the planet by giving plastic a second chance at life. Plus, you'll be part of an impactful community where everyone pitches in to help the Earth.


Can't wait to see your amazing creations! 🌟

PELUPO Souvenir Quest

Join the PELUPO souvenir quest! 🤩

These captivating keepsakes come in various styles, colors, and patterns, exclusive to PELUPO. They serve as delightful reminders of your festival experience. 

Each collection point features a distinct type of token, unique to its station. Don't miss out on any—visit all three to complete the quest! The three stations will be:

🎈Playlupo : Win them as prizes at the game booths. Play each game to expand your collection.

🎱 PELUPO capsule machine : Discover them in PELUPO capsule machine vending machines, showcasing patterns and colors unique to PELUPO.

🏆Merchandise Booth: Snag specific items available only at this exclusive booth.

Ready for the challenge? See you soon, souvenir seekers, and best of luck on your adventure! 🌈✨


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